Arrests made in robbery cases

Royal Cayman Islands Police made quick arrests in connection with a robbery Saturday evening in downtown George Town.

A third man was arrested Saturday. Police said the 18-year-old was connected to another robbery that occurred Friday night in the Northward area.

The Reggae Money Express store was held up around 6.30pm Saturday, the third Grand Cayman business to be hit by robbers over the weekend.

Police said a lone suspect held up the business at Elizabethan Square and managed to get away with an unknown sum of money. 

No one was hurt in the robbery, police said. 

The store is located in the same complex as the central police headquarters offices.

Later in the evening a police operation in George Town ended in the arrests of two men, aged 19 and 21, on suspicion of robbery. Neither man has been charged in the money store case.

Royal Cayman Islands Police were already busy investigating two robberies from Friday night; one at a corner grocery, the other at a diner.

A man was hospitalised Friday night after being slashed in a grocery store robbery, according to Royal Cayman Islands Police reports. 

Another robbery was reported at Timbuctuu restaurant near the West Bay four-stop. 

Around 8.30pm. Friday, police said two men armed with machetes entered the Plum Tree grocery store, Plum Tree Road, Northward. 

Officers said the men assaulted a store staff member and grabbed the cash register. They then ran off from the store.

The victim suffered head and hand injuries from the attack. The injuries, which are believed to have been caused by a machete, are not thought to be life threatening, police said..

The store worker was taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital, George Town where he was being treated overnight.

The 18-year-old man who police said was connected to the grocery store robbery was arrested Saturday night in the Northward area. 

No one was injured in the robbery at Timbuctuu which occurred about two hours after the grocery store was hit.

Police said two restaurant employees were sitting on the patio at the front of the premises when they were confronted by two masked men.

Officers said the men, who appeared to be armed, forced the staff back inside the premises and stole a sum of cash. The suspects were last seen running off to the rear of the restaurant.

The suspects were both described as being Caymanian, around 5’4″, light complexion, wearing black long sleeved shirts, black pants, white tee shirts over their faces and black gloves.

Witnesses said one suspect was of stocky build and approximately thirty years of age. The second male was described as being slim and in his mid-twenties. 


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  1. I stand by my submission regarding An Elephant In The Room. The fact is that an armed citizenry is an empowered citizenry. Were the bad guys even in the least remotely aware that someone in the vicinity could possibly be armed, the results might be ever so different and such robbery situations potentially preventable.

  2. Oh my Gosh, Things are really getting bad in Cayman from what Im seeing on the Compass Website lately.

    My family and I lived in Cayman from 2007-2010 and even in the short period we were blessed to call your beautiful Islands home, I noticed a marked increase in the crime rate. It seems that since we left things have gotten even worse.

    How brazen can the Badboys be? Robbing a money office in Elizabethan Sqaure?! Within spitting distnace of Commissioner Baines office!! Come on now…. Really?!

    It seems that the current adminstration do not seem realise that Cayman depends HEAVILY on tourism as well as the financial industry and unless they wake up and smell the coffee real fast they are going to suffer a catastrophic collapse in the tourist industry. I for one will not be risking the safety of my family in returning to cayman (or little jam as its becoming known as the rest of the world!)

    I have read with interest the many posts on here regarding the arming of RCIPS officers. As a law enforcement officer myself I was initially against the routine arming of all RCIPS officers. I must say that I have now changed my opinion. In a society as violent as Cayman is rapidly becoming you have got to fight force with (reasonable) force. My heart goes out to the RCIPS officers, they are doing their very best under difficult circumstances. They are out-gunned and what is a cop with a baton and pepper spray supposed to do against a machete/hand-gun wielding assailant? These criminals dont know any other way, you have got to start cracking down on these fools before its too late….
    Get a grip!!!!

  3. 2011 might be the year that Cops comes to Cayman to tape an episode. That should be a boost to tourism! As for the comment regarding an armed citizenry, that experiment is playing out in the US right now…, and the results are not pretty! The thought of turning robberies into shoot outs does not appeal to me one bit.

  4. use blimp as anti-crime spy in the sky
    I hate this idea but saw it ..did some homework …
    read the article about how they were about to use it in Salt lake city Utah. The minimal cost …
    Not bad if only used to identify crime after it happens
    and a good deterrant as it sits overhead…

  5. I cant believe that the beautiful cayman islands is getting to this state. I am shamed to say that I supported this present Government because nothin gis being done to stop this crime.This is what happens when the youths cant get any jobs or any money to support themselves.