Just flow it: Floetry word jam

Video of Floetry reading

Words: there sure are a lot of ‘em.

And they’re powerful, too. Floetry, a monthly word jam with the motto ‘say it, sing it, drum it, spill it’, takes place at Books & Books from 7pm on Wednesday, 19 January.

Carol Ferreiria says it’s all about self-expression.

“Since we started, we have had traditional poets, slam style poets, spoken word artists, story tellers, singers, dancers, drummers, and even martial artists.

“The format for the evening is simple: the floets who know they will be participating sign up ahead of time, and at about the halfway point we break for an open mic session in case there are persons in the audience who feel inspired to share but had not signed up – some people are inspired to create a poem on the spot!”

Lively discussions

Over the last couple of months, says Carol, there’s been feedback sessions and lively discussions on a variety of topics that range beyond writing.

“[These include] current events, traditions, culture, religion and religious beliefs, et cetera. It has become a true meeting of minds, and the artists encourage one another throughout, linking their work to these themes and back to the impact it has on the listener.”

Floets are both male and female and all ages, she says; as well as the adult voices there are a number of youngsters from age 12 who have participated. Their work is discussed in the same way as their older peers as they find their own voices.

“The improvement and change in the way the regular contributors’ voice now sounds from when they first started – some have been coming since the first Floetry session was held in 2008 – is astonishing. Through their work it is clear to see what is pressing on the mind of some of our young people today, and I am sure it would astonish many people just how perceptive, deep and frighteningly honest their words are. It is tremendous that this is a space where young people can feel comfortable and confident enough to share, and know that they have a voice which is equal to that of the adult performers.

“Whether they perform or not, those who come to Floetry come with an open mind and heart and they have become a family in their own right.”


Author Hylton Grace, at Floetry
Photo: Submitted