US general to 
address Rotary

Rotarians from the Cayman Islands are organising a conference designed to train Rotary clubs and others how to react quickly and efficiently in the event of a major disaster – hurricanes, earthquakes, fires, flooding or similar disasters.

The Conference, called REDI V will take place on the 11 and 12 February at the Marriott resort in Grand Cayman, and the keynote speaker at lunch on Saturday, 12 February, will be Gen. Russel Honoré who was commander of the Joint Task Force after Katrina in New Orleans.

The conference, chaired by Jeremy Hurst assisted by J.D.Mosley-Matchett, will be attended by Rotary clubs both locally and internationally and by corporate entities interested in training for preparing for the unexpected. Full details are at [email protected] or from Dr. J.D. Mosley-Matchett at [email protected]

Tickets for the lunch are US$75. Lt. Gen. Honoré served as the 33rd commanding general of the US 1st Army at Fort Gillem, Georgia.

He is best known for serving as commander of Joint Task Force Katrina responsible for coordinating military relief efforts across the Gulf Coast and as the 2nd Infantry Division Commander while stationed in Korea. He served until his retirement from the Army on 11 January, 2008.