CISA moving forward

After a two year sabbatical, the Cayman Islands Students Association, which was reconstituted in mid-2010, has had a productive six months and has started 2011 in high gear.

With local active membership growing every month, CISA is very optimistic about the future of the organisation.

One of the goals of CISA is to motivate and encourage young people in the Cayman Islands to further their education to help students achieve their highest potential both academically and in the 
work place.

To accomplish this goal, members of CISA participated in a focus group exercise with students of the College Prep programme at the University College of the Cayman Islands.

The focus group allowed CISA to speak with and answer the questions of first year college students wishing to continue in to an Associates Degree programme, about life before, during and after university.

“I cannot express the tremendous impact CISA’s presence and success stories have on our students,” said Deborah Chambers, Chair of Careers, Technical Education and Outreach at the University College of the Cayman Islands. “Mentoring is so very important and I hope CISA continues to reach out and reel in the young adults, by sharing their personal insights and seeds for success that would hopefully plant them on a path of career exploration and persistence.”

In December, CISA partnered with The Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce to review, update and expand their Scholarship Guide which is currently available online.

Both CISA and the Chamber of Commerce will collaborate to confirm existing scholarships, encourage new businesses and organizations to offer scholarships and grants to students as well as identify industries that currently lack scholarship opportunities.

To raise awareness of this project CISA will schedule school visits, hold social events and utilize various forms of media.

The proceeds generated by this project will go toward a Chamber of Commerce scholarship.

“The Scholarship Guide will be an integral part of fulfilling CISA’s goals,” said Chris Gourzong, President Elect of the Cayman Islands Students Association. “We believe the Scholarship Guide will be very beneficial to students who may not know what scholarship opportunities are out there. It is our hope that we will be able to make scholarships in a wider range of industries available for students. We are excited to partner with the Chamber of Commerce to make this happen.”

The board and members of the Cayman Islands Students Association would like to welcome past and current students to attend a meeting and see what CISA is about.

For more information about the Cayman Islands Students Association, email [email protected]