Communication key in aviation

More open communications between private business and government is the focus of the Tourism Advisory Council in 2011.

Tom McCallum, transport (ground and aviation) representative, said that the council’s job was to act as communication conduit between private businesses or their representative groups and the government and he called upon those within the industry to get in touch.

“It is my role to liaise for the private sector on airport and airlift issues, airport development issues. I am happy to be contacted by stakeholders with constructive input which can be negative or positive as long as it’s not just ‘something needs to be done’ which isn’t really helpful.”

There are, he told the Compass, both long-term and short-term issues that affect the Island’s future prospects. To this end, said Mr. McCallum, there had been discussions during 2010 to identify areas which would assist aviation and improve airlift. Some of these included evaluation of Cayman’s current airport fees, which he said were on par when compared to other Caribbean territories. Other items that would benefit the industry would be significant research into runway length issues, US pre-clearance and the mooted airport redevelopment project.