Cutler will send them Packing

Ron’s Rant

I’ve been a Chicago Bears fan since they dominated in the mid-Eighties when William ‘The Refridgerator’ Perry attracted most of the headlines. And I’ll still have a soft spot for them when they challenge the more fancied Packers in this weekend’s NFC Championship.

It looks like a foregone conclusion for the Packers who in Aaron Rodgers currently have the game’s best quarterback and a pretty impressive roster. But one great aspect of sport is that the underdogs sometimes triumph against all expectations. So I’m backing Jay Cutler to pull off the seemingly impossible and send the Packers packing.

My other tip is for the Jets to blow a hole in the Steelers.

Darren Bent can barely get into the England football team yet he keeps getting big money moves, the latest being his $35 million transfer to Aston Villa from Sunderland. It’s another show of the financial madness that pervades the game. At 26 Bent is already rich enough to retire and never have to work again. When it comes to financial logic, football is totally Bent.