Letters to the Editor: Let civil servants speak

Government must remember that it was put in place by us and not the other way around.

For all the civil servants that are afraid to air their concerns, I say to you once again united we stand, divided we fall; so don’t be afraid of losing your job for standing up for what is right. For if you do not do so, you are nothing more than a special type of voiceless slave.

Our system here on Cayman must change to an island where our civil servants are respected. They are the ones that really get the work done in Government. Instead of them having to worry about losing their jobs and taking more pay cuts so that only a few special people mostly from the outside world can take their jobs and receive special pay raises, the Cayman Islands Government should make sure that Caymanians are the bulk of the civil servants in Government and should train more Caymanians to fill the positions of members of the service that may retire to fill that position that will be vacated.

It seems to me that there is no real plan for Caymanians to move forward. The Civil Service gets bigger, but not with our Caymanian people. More and more Caymanians are out of a job.

But still, event the Government does not have a proper training system in place to really train future Caymanian civil servants to replace those that will retire or even die in the service.

If you do not replace those that are leaving the service with real Caymanians, our crime problem will rise once again.

What will it take for these so-called leaders to wake up to the Islands’ problems and the damage that they themselves are causing because of bad leadership? There is no proper plan to eliminate poverty on the Islands, no plan for the people and our future.

More and more we are speaking out but are they listening? Remember the days of Moses? The leader of Egypt did not listen to Moses when he said ‘Let my people go’. He was selfish and hard-headed, but look what he caused to happen to Egypt and the people of Egypt.

Do not let your civil servants be afraid to speak out. They have their rights to do so like all the rest of us.

Do not be afraid, all members of our Civil Service. If something is not right, or if you are being pushed aside or punished, speak out against corruption.

Emile S. Levy