Get hunting those lionfish

An environmentally-conscious and delicious event takes place on Thursday, 27 January.

The Culinary Lionfish Hunt and Cookoff is designed to both draw attention to a serious problem facing Cayman and to introduce participants to a delicious new flavour, explained Emma Nicholsby of Divetech.

“We’re going out in the afternoon for a one-tank dive and whatever we cull we will bring back for the chef at Cobalt Coast to cook up in a variety of ways.”

The hunt starts at 1pm. People wanting to participate can come along as cullers, providing they have the correct licenses from the Department of the Environment, or spotters if they do not.

It’s $85 per person for the dive and cookout; for further information call Divetech on 946 5658 or Cobalt Coast on 946 5656.