Entrepreneur strives to inspire

A young Caymanian woman who recently opened a marketing and public relations company hopes her success will motivate others.

Samantha Whittaker launched Fresh Images two years ago while simultaneously undertaking a master’s degree at Nova Southeastern University in Florida. She has been steadily serving a growing base of businesses in the Cayman Islands, as well as overseas ever since.

The marketing and public relations firm specialises in special events for businesses, as well as creating corporate social awareness campaigns and other services.

She said that as a graduate of John Gray High School and as a Caymanian, it was important for her that the example of her story empower others and help them to believe they can aim high and fulfil their dreams.

“The young people in Cayman don’t have to settle. A lot of negative things that they see and hear do not have to represent them,” she said. “It is important for us to begin to define ourselves through business, education, sports and the arts and not let the carelessness of a few sully the values our parents and their parents before them endowed us with.”

With a bachelor’s degree in public relations from North Carolina State and several years of experience in marketing and journalism, having worked at the Government Information Service, the Department of Tourism and in the finance industry, Ms Whittaker said she observed how “stretched” the departments were and the need for a business that could offer companies exciting alternatives.

“I knew I wanted to run a business and it would be important to not only have the ability to service clients, but also to manage and maintain the business, which is why I decided to go back to school for my master’s,” she said.

She added that she wants other young Caymanians to know that there are opportunities they can create for themselves without feeling as though they are limited.

Ms Whittaker’s reputation for excellence as a result of her previous job experience and contacts prompted her initial plan to do some legwork while finishing her master’s programme. That effort turned in to a busy marketing company that required her to travel back and forth between Cayman and Florida during the last six months of her studies.

She said she thought of the name after her uncle suggested that it should have something to do with image, as she would be orchestrating communication campaigns on that basis. As a result, the young entrepreneur said it seemed natural to call her company Fresh Images because she believes it matches her style and approach to marketing.

With two contract workers in Cayman and one overseas, Ms Whittaker said her forecast for the next year is that “the business will continue to grow, as marketing is an integral part of the economic fabric that companies and people cannot afford to scale back on. We offer them a cost-effective solution for providing that kind of support.”

For information, visit www.freshimagepr.com or call 749-7676.