All in tune as new waves tested

The East End Surf Challenge, the year’s first major sporting event, was just as fun-filled and enjoyable as previous ones with watercraft enthusiasts and supporters congregating at the new venue of Colliers Public Beach in East End on Monday for a series of races.

Heroes weekend saw another safe event, partly because so many involved were certified in first aid and safety measures were maintained to a high level. Don Patrick’s West Tec team were the overall winners.

Event organiser Shane ‘Nobee’ Edwards said: “It went really well and I’m pleased with the turnout and how well everybody enjoyed themselves. The riders as well as the spectators complimented Don Patrick (race director) and I on how well organised it was. I’ve been told by our sponsors that next year they are going to market it more, both locally and internationally so we look forward to it being bigger and better at our new venue which everybody said was a better location and had more atmosphere.

“Many thanks to our sponsors East End Seaport, Flowers Bottled Water, What’s Hot, Vibe FM, Red Bull, Signs of Paradise, Admiral Administration, Digicel, Cayman Screen Print, First Impression, Massive Equipment Rentals, Caybrew, Maedac Supply, Quality Installation, Intec Research and Naya Wear.”

While the jet-ski racers were heating up the action during the East End Surf Challenge, there were some spicy happenings on-shore that spectators discovered to be their cup of tea. It was the Flowers Bottled Water Fish Tea Cook-off.

The cook-off features cooks from the various districts of Grand Cayman preparing their mouth-watering brews that, according to local lore, can add years to your life or even do what the spam email can only promise. It was won by Georgina Rankine of GG’s Kitchen.

Edwards of Team 2Frenzied is very passionate about the event, now in its seventh year. “Not only did I grow up with it, I can cook fish tea as well. People all over the district made the tea; it was a crucial part of the social gatherings and parties.”

There was dancing after and a fashion show, so all in all, there was something for everybody.


The starts were always spectacular.– PHOTOS: RON SHILLINGFORD