Lionfish hunt, cookout today

The red lionfish is a threat to Cayman’s ecosystem and one way to try and mitigate the problem is to eat it.

Divetech and Cobalt Coast are hosting another cull and cookout today (Thursday, 27 January), following the success of their Culinary Month cull one week ago.

On hand last Thursday were lionfish cullers and interested divers who caught lionfish at Ocean Point Reef on the North Wall, said Dora Valdez of Cobalt Coast.

“The lionfish were brought back to Cobalt Coast Dive Resort where the guests were treated to a selection of wines while the lion fish were cleaned and filleted and then turned into the kitchen for cooking and presentation,” she said.

Chef Ajay Thakur prepared the lion fish six delicious ways: fish tea soup; ceviche – raw and cured in citrus juice over a bed of lettuce; batter fried and served with jerk mayonnaise; bacon wrapped, served with caramelized onion, basil cream sauce; lemon pepper crusted, served with tomato salsa and Malibu beurre blanc; and curried fish, served on top of mixed greens, with artichoke hearts, carrot shaving and balsamic reduction. Each course was paired with a suitable wine.

Please call Divetech at 946 5658 to make your reservation for the boat dive and the wine and dining experience immediately afterward. The price is US$85 per person including the boat dive and wine/dining experience.