CCMI gets a boost

KPMG recently handed over their latest sponsorship cheque for more than $30,000 to the Central Caribbean Marine Institute.

The firm is a long-term sponsors of CCMI’s Ocean Literacy Programme, and this latest instalment helps support progress and growth in the education of the island’s children.

Last October, in another of KPMG’s conservation efforts, hundreds of pounds of rubbish were removed from Barkers beach to mark KPMG’s worldwide Make A Difference Day.

CCMI’s director of communications and marketing, Samantha Shaxted, said: “KPMG’s generous sponsorship of our Ocean Literacy programme is incredibly meaningful for our organisation, primarily because they provide a supportive partnership that enables us to keep evolving our important work with the children of the Cayman Islands and their relationship with the ocean.”

So far this year, CCMI has six local school groups enrolled in their residential courses at their research station in Little Cayman.

CCMI is working to provide further opportunities for the children of the Cayman Islands to have an active learning experience at a serious scientific field station.

Their goal is to provide children and their teachers with an understanding of the oceans and, through this understanding, to brighten the future of our coral reefs and all that inhabit them.

In a comparative knowledge test taken upon entry and on the last day of their course with CCMI last year, a school group’s scores had improved by an average of 49 per cent.

It is only due to the support of organisations like KPMG that CCMI can pursue their mission to conserve through education and research, marine institute personnel said.

“Our campaign is for every child of the Cayman Islands to become ocean literate by the time they are 12 years-old. KPMG is helping to make this a reality,” Ms Shaxted said.

KPMG Partner Kris Beighton said: “We are delighted to partner with the CCMI on the Ocean Literacy Programme.

“Providing our children with a basic understanding of the importance of the ocean world is clearly important wherever you live, but there are few places around the globe where this importance is more apparent than in Cayman.”