Artists paint it Brac

Artists of Cayman Brac are congregating on Saturdays around the most spectacular and beautiful locations on the island.

The National Gallery Adult Art Group meets weekly at 9am and has previously painted at Columbus Park, the Bluff lighthouse, Heritage House garden, Mango Manor, Panama Canal, Long Beach, West End Community Park and by countless ponds, beaches and hotels.

Through the end of March the group will meet at Pollard Bay, South Side, explains Simone Scott, Sister Islands officer of the National Gallery.

“The Adult Art Group is a unique course that utilises the Cayman Brac landscape, a kaleidoscope of complex colours and scenery. The group travels to parks, beaches and even to the Brac’s highest point on the Bluff. The vibrant work that results from this shift in subject matter is a testament to the inspiration the group receives.”

The group was started by Alison McLeod at the Heritage House garden as a time and place for artists to meet to exercise their talent. Subsequently, the National Gallery offered to fund the group by offering free starter materials to a person when they join and instruction if needed. The materials offered are watercolours, but all types of artists are welcome to join the plein air outings.

Varied membership

Though there are regular workshops to assist and guide attendees, no previous experience is necessary; simply having the desire to create art or to lose yourself in the process is the only requirement.

Simone says that the group has a wide and varied membership.

“Some of the attendees are totally new at painting while others are more advanced. Therefore, while we offer instruction, we also learn from each other’s styles and techniques. The location usually dictates the subject and theme; style varies from artist to artist as we try to encourage each artist to express themselves. Some have a very travelling sketch style, some a childlike style, some have more realistic style, while others are more impressionistic. We find it amazing that within the group we could all be painting one scene, but our works of art come out all different,” she notes.

Natalie Urquhart, director of the National Gallery, adds that their mission is to promote arts and culture and to provide opportunities for everyone living in the Cayman Islands to experience art first-hand. 

“As such, while based in Grand Cayman we are committed to maintaining a significant presence in the Sister Islands.”

For more information contact Simone Scott on 939 5306.