Cayman couple’s NY odyssey

If they can make it there, they can make it anywhere.

Photographer Kenroy Lumsden and his artistically creative wife Andie are from the Cayman Islands and live in New York City with their young son.

Their art

Andie is writing a romantic-comedy screenplay that takes place on a small island.

“It’s something I’m dabbling in. I enjoy it. It’s something fun,” she says.

Kenroy runs a lighting company for his day job, and he also is an accomplished photographer who describes the world as “colourful.”

“And full of light and stories to be captured. I’m inspired by almost anything – from the ordinary to the spectacular,” he says. “There’s a story behind everything and everyone and I’d love to capture all of them.”

He explains that on a rainy day in New York, he may walk by a cobblestone street and suddenly think of a Hitchcock movie and get inspired to photograph something dark and mysterious.

“Or I might see someone wearing a bright, shiny outfit and I’ll imagine a glitzy, magical scene probably filled with candy and beautiful people on unicorns,” he says.

He describes life as a combination of still and motion imagery.

“I’ve always felt like I’m living in my own movie. I’m always visualising my surroundings and my experiences as scenes from the great film of my life,” he says. “Of course, I’m always the star.”

But it’s not always just about him.

“Many times, something stops me and all I see is a still image — I may feel immobilized, in awe,” he says. “That’s when I remember why I fell in love with photography — I see an image and it compels me to create a world around that subject.”

He considers Cayman one of his biggest inspirations.

“It will always be home sweet home. There is so much beauty in both nature and people there. And it’s such a relaxed environment,” he says. “It’s a great place to fuel one’s creativity because you’re not distracted by the crazy hustle of a big city like New York.”

That’s not to say the hustle and bustle of New York isn’t inspiring, he adds.

“It’s just a different energy. Cayman gives me a lot of drive because I want to make everyone there proud,” he says. “And I want young people there to realise that they, too, can follow their dreams – it’s up to them to make them reality.”

Andie says they eventually want to come back to the Islands.

“Our goal is to go back home. Cayman is home,” she says. “We want to get kids in Cayman excited about the arts and photography.”

Their fuel

They say they fuel each other’s art, photography and creativity, always letting the other excel in their craft.

“If I ever need to get away to write, Kenroy doesn’t put up a fight, even though it means that our son has to come with me,” she says. “So I get to escape the city every once in a while to work on a writing project.”

She’ll go see her family in Maine and get her own office with “a breathtaking view of mountains and trees as far as the eye can see.”

“It’s inspiring,” she says. “I’m lucky my husband understands the creative process and respects my need for space.”

Kenroy says that Andie is the first person he shares an idea with.

“She always listens and she’ll tell me if she thinks it’s mediocre,” he says.

“Before our son was born, she came to most of my photo shoots and worked as my make-up artist, stylist and art director.

“She sees my vision and I love her for it.”

Their son

Lukas Valentine, their 21-month old son, makes them tick.

“Generally speaking, life’s little pleasures make us tick. We tend to think with our hearts and we don’t like being boxed in, so we’re not very good at routines or rules,” Kenroy says.

They says if they won the lottery, they’d become rich nomads, wandering the world in pursuit of great experiences.

“For now, we’re only rich in spirit so we try to enjoy simple pleasures instead. Sometimes that means building a big tent on our bed with our son or popping a bottle of champagne for no reason or taking our dinner out to Central Park on a warm evening,” Andie says. “In the past that has meant moving to a new city or country. Our latest adventure is New York City, where we’re currently being challenged professionally in a world where pretty much everyone we work with is intelligent, talented and chasing glory.”

Before college, they lived in Costa Rica for a year in an effort to master Spanish. After college, they moved to a small town in New Hampshire and all they did was hike, ski and snowboard.

“But Cayman is our headquarters and we always return to home base after each adventure,” says Kenroy.

Lukas, meanwhile, has inspired his parents on many levels.

“It’s nearly impossible to describe. Our world is more colourful, our food tastes better and life is so much sweeter because of him,” they says. “And his mental, physical and spiritual well-being are what drive us to be better people and create our best work.”

It sounds like they’ve made it.