Rum Point: No strings attached

Rum Point has always been an island getaway for residents and a must-visit for tourists. If you haven’t been up to the peak of North Side for a Sunday, you don’t know what you’re missing.

Positioned in the perfect tropical setting, Rum Point Restaurant is a great example of how the other half lives. With vibrant colours, tempting cuisine and seaside dining at its finest, Rum Point Restaurant is the place to be on a starry night.

Now it is rare, particularly these days, that we are offered anything complimentary without strings being attached somewhere.

I’ve looked at this brilliant add-on from all angles and I simply cannot find the catch: When you go for dinner at Rum Point Restaurant any day of the week between Wednesday and Saturday, you can travel there on a Red Sail Sports catamaran free of charge!

That’s right – free-of-charge!

Makes you want to take a Q-tip to your ears doesn’t it? Surely that can’t be so? Oh it be so!

Just join them at the Safehaven dock, enjoy a leisurely cruise across North Sound, indulge in a fantastic dinner at Rum Point and then back onto the Catamaran which will spirit you away.

Tell your date that YOU’LL spring for the transport, and suddenly you look like Daddy (or Mommy) Warbucks!

On the menu expect to find a nice range of appetisers from soups and salads to mussels and the Chef’s Ceviche Trio.

Fresh fish is always available, along with the Seafood Hot Pot and Grilled Caribbean Lobster.

Landlubbers will appreciate the delicious steak, lamb or Cornish hen dishes, and there is also a ravioli option for the vegetarian in the family. The Kids Menu will satisfy the little tikes in your party, never fear.

The whole scenario is a win-win. You get a fantastic round-trip across the water to a fabulous restaurant in a paradisiacal location. The Caribbean at its finest!

Rum Point Restaurant is open on Tuesday nights, so you can still drive up there and admire the scenic route.