Above the Net primed to repeat

Volleyball is making its return to the districts this month.

The West Bay Sports Committee is putting on its second annual district volleyball league. Planned to take place at the John A Cumber primary school hall, the competition is slated to start 12 February 6.30pm-9pm.

Like last year the event is being split into two groups, the youth and adult league. Squads will be made up of residents from various areas of West Bay such as Northwest Point and Mount Pleasant. The format remains the same as last year with matches now requiring teams to have two females on the court at any given time.

Coming into the 2011 competition, the Incredibles and Above The Net are reigning champions. The Incredibles are the youth league winners while Above The Net are the adult league title holders. The 2010 tournament wrapped up in April just after the end of the East End volleyball league.

League coordinator Vernie Watler-Harris stated in passing that the district of East End will host another volleyball event. The plan is for it to start later on this month at the East End Civic Centre. Acting Director for the Department of Sports Collin Anglin is giving technical support to both the East End and West Bay leagues. The competitions are his brain-child and states it is pleasing to see them head into their second year.

“It’s very exciting and shows the high demand for community sports,” Anglin said. “Community sports has a tremendous following. I definitely believe that before long we will have committees in each dsitrict. They will in turn organise sports league that are fun and helps bring the community together through sports.”

The registration deadline for the West Bay league is this Saturday 5 February. There will be tryouts and open recreational periods for youth players at the John A Cumber primary school outdoor basketball court 6.30-8pm. The session is geared towards those who have never played the sport before or need a refresher.

The Sports Committee is also seeking assistance in a number of areas related to the league. Among the more notable ones are people for set-up of equipment, score-keepers and providers of water and ice.

For more information about the competition e-mail [email protected]

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