JA loved our revs

Cayman motorsports revved into 2011 with an international meet at Breakers Speedway. The drag met drew competitors from neighbouring Jamaica and all enjoyed Cayman.

Breakers saw Jamaican drag racers Dean Shaw and Robert Ilgner take to the 1/8 mile track last Sunday. Both took on some of Cayman’s fastest drivers and came away with mixed results. Behind the wheel of a white 1960’s Chevy Camaro, Shaw would have some dazzling runs consistently in the five second category. He came short of the class title to Sammy Jackson, who beat Shaw in the final with his 2002 Camaro. Ilgner meanwhile would take his Mazda RX-7 to victory in the low six second class over Kenrick “Banks” Baker in his Mitsubishi Evolution III in a time of 6.128 seconds (a new personal best for Ilgner).

For Shaw it was his second time coming to and racing in Cayman. He was here last year, dominated the meet and set the overall track record at Breakers in a time of 5.672s. That mark would later be broken on several occasions by Jackson (whose personal best was 5.79s heading into last weekend) and Billy Ebanks (who has the current record at 5.567s).

Shaw states it is always a good time racing in Cayman.

“I’m constantly amazed at the drivers you have here,” Shaw said. “There has been so many low times in such a short span of time. There is a lot more excitement around the track. Clearly the standards are higher and the horsepower of the cars here has gotten higher too. What stands out most to me is the crowds come out in force to support these events. Everyone here seems to be into this socially and I’m very comfortable driving here.”

Ilgner stated it was his first time racing in Cayman. He thought the level of competition was encouraging.

“The cars have potential and so does the track,” Ilgner said. “At the same time though I don’t feel the track is good enough by international standards.”

One Jamaican racer who came down as a spectator was Craig Lue. He made waves last January behind the wheel of his blue Mitsubishi Evolution VII as he set the four-wheel drive class record with a 6.325s run. He also had the race of the day with Caymanian racer Jody Jervis, which ended up with Jervis’ white Nissan Skyline claiming the victory.

Lue had trouble at that event though due to drivetrain issues. It took sourcing parts from Cayman’s Evo community for him to race. Issues with the car would also stop him from competing this time around. Lue, who watched the races with his tuner and crew members, was complimentary of the Breakers facility.

“It’s a good facility that keeps the guys off the road,” Lue said. “Based on the times I’ve heard about the racers have certainly improved. I was kind of surprised I did not see more of them for this meet. As far as me racing here I think track preparation had a part to play though 6.325s is still 6.325s. I have a lot of friends that like the island so I’ll be back.”

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