Adventures in (South) Sound

Sometimes in this fast-paced life we miss so much because we fail to do something very important: stand still.

And in such situations it is the work of artists like Kathryn Elphinstone that reminds us that the world sometimes changes around us, if only we would take the time to take some time.

That in mind, she just completed an exhibition, Looking Out, now featured at Full of Beans Cafe, she tells us.

“Many of the viewers walk along or drive along South Sound regularly as I do and could appreciate the different changes in weather, time of year or day and looking out from the same stretch of Island.

“I am a regular morning walker at 6.45am each morning through the week, so I get to see a lot of amazing sunrises (and rain coming). Every day there is a new and wonderful view to feast your eyes on! This is a wonderful way to start the day,” she rightly notes.

Serenity and terror

Kathryn grew up in Georgian Bay, Canada, and from an early age she discovered water is often serene, peaceful and calm, as well as conjuring great terror at other times.

“We don’t control it. From that young age I also became aware of the sky, not only for its beauty but what it told us or warned us. The collection is titled Looking Out and all the images are painted from South Sound over the past year or so. Together the paintings observe that the South Sound view changes seasonally, daily and instantaneously,” she explains.

The artist is also a part-time art teacher, something she says has made her more disciplined with her time. Her exhibition also made things make sense.

“It was my intention to have the work relate together as a body of work, so it was exciting for me to see them all hung together.”

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