Learn how to love a lobster

There’s something to really get your teeth into this coming Wednesday, 9 February.

Well-known local chef Jolene Nelson and National Trust Historic Programmes Manager Denise Bodden will be getting together to introduce a cooking class on Cayman lobster.

It’s the first of four classes scheduled this year that concentrate on presenting delicious Caymanian cuisine. Chef Jolene, who won the Cayman Cookout Cookoff in 2010, explains that Caymanian cuisine is all about the ingredients.

“Cayman cuisine focuses on fresh ingredients; traditionally seafood with home grown produce and root vegetables, it’s very light and full of flavour. Its important not to overthink the food, it’s simple and clean and allows the freshness of the ingredients to shine through.

“People tend to over-season and overcook seafood rather than enhance it. Cayman has top quality produce with much better flavour than imported, and I would love to see more people take advantage of the markets and our local farmers and vendors,” she says.

Erika Walton of the National Trust says that the cooking classes have undergone a revamp and will be run quarterly and designed to utilise also the talents of local chefs.

“We chose Jolene after she demonstrated her skills as a chef in the Bon Vivant Cook-Off, a competition for local amateur chefs, this made her the ideal candidate for our first cooking class of 2011.

“Lobster holds a place in Cayman hearts because it came from the ocean which was the livelihood of many men and their families. This dish was traditionally reserved for special occasions or Sundays and was seen by some as a luxury,” adds Erika.

Purpose and mission

The demonstration begins at 6.30pm at Bon Vivant in Governor’s Square and Jolene notes that it’s in a very good cause.

“I think it’s crucial for everyone on island to know what the purpose and mission of the National Trust is, but more so for Caymanians who may take for granted the beauty of the island.

“We are seeing a shift towards environmental awareness and preservation of very fragile resources but everyone needs to play their part. The National Trust is great in bringing these issues to the forefront and getting the community involved.”

Erika says that all events are important to the Trust.

“They all, no matter how large or small, put the Trust in the public eye. Our Traditional Caymanian Cooking Classes do this in a unique way – the Trust gains exposure.” Food for thought, indeed.

Please contact Denise Bodden at 749-1123 or email [email protected] for reservations and more information. Cost is $25 for members, $30 for non-members.

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