Letters to the Editor: An unsatisfactory work experience

I worked for a welding company for more than three years in the Cayman Islands.

We parted company on not good terms due to the company NOT paying me statutory holiday pay and vacation pay as outlined in the Cayman Labour Code.

I took all the information to the Labour Board and they found in my favour and told the company I was working for they had to pay. The company agreed and paid approximately half what was owed to me, then stopped paying. I asked over and over in letters to the Labour Board why this was going on and what could be done. In the reply letters I received back from the Labour Board, I was told (this coming from the acting director and an officer of the Cayman Labour Board) that wages could NOT be taken to court. If this is in fact true, what power does the CLB have or what incentive does an employee have to report any wrong doing from a company?

If this is true, companies will keep on ripping off employees because there no resolution to unjust matters. I am not impressed with either the company I was working for or the Cayman Labour Relations Board. This is very bad for expats and very bad for Cayman Islands reputation. I hope the Governor of Cayman Islands reads this!

Don Stump

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