Online Poll: East End and Bodden Town 
are favoured solid waste sites

Sixty-four per cent of the 456 respondents to last week’s online poll think Grand Cayman’s solid waste disposal site should be located somewhere else other than where it is currently located in George Town.

East End and Bodden Town were the two most popular choices for an alternative location.

Given the choice between its current George Town location and sites in Grand Cayman’s other four districts, the largest segment – 134 people or 29.4 per cent – thought the solid waste disposal site should remain at the George Town Landfill.

“Given the wind pattern in Cayman, East End would be the last place we would want to put the landfill,” said one person. “We need to separate our waste and buy a good grinder for the landfill.”

“I don’t see the point in moving it because if you put it in East End, then people from West Bay will find it time consuming to get there,” said someone else. “If people don’t want to use the dump, then they will find places to put it, which may cause lots of problems, so I say just leave it there.”

“I think that it is unfortunate that the current dump site is being considered for relocation,” said another respondent. “The fact of the matter is that development over the years has encroached on the dump site and it is not the dump site that has encroached on development.”

The next largest segment of respondents – 106 people or 23.3 per cent – thought the solid waste disposal site should be in East End.

“Right past Frank Sound Road where hardly anyone lives,” said one person.

Another 101 people – 22.1 per cent – thought the solid waste disposal site should be in Bodden Town, while West Bay was the choice of 54 people (11.8 per cent), and North Side was favoured by 31 people, or 6.8 per cent.

“Where the government decides,” said one person “We need to support our government.”

Thirty people – 6.6 per cent – responded “other” to the question.

Four people thought Cayman’s solid waste should be shipped overseas. One person suggested Cayman Brac.

“A new one, properly started, anywhere else will be a good thing,” said one person.

Several people suggested recycling and/or composting.

“Recycle, recycle, recycle,” said one person. “When I came here to live 13 years ago, I did just that like in the US. But was very surprised that they put everything together in the truck. We need a recycling program here on all three Islands.”

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