Sign up for Rotary annual science fair

Students are encouraged to register for Rotary Central’s science fair on 2 April at Camana Bay’s Arts and Recreation Centre.

In its fifth year, the fair offers public and private school students in middle or high school an opportunity to win prizes and scholarship awards of $3,000, $2,000 and $1,000.

Cash awards will be held in trust, released to students when they enter college, university or technical school.

The registration deadline is Tuesday, 15 February. Registration forms are available through all science teachers, schools and the science fair website,

“The fair is … designed to generate interest in science and its development among young people. Students who complete science fair projects tend to acquire skills such as independent research, analytical thinking, and creative problem solving,” said Wil Pineau, president of Rotary Central.

“It develops creativity, tenacity and confidence, and increases self-esteem, and may even suggest career opportunities for the future.”

Prizes are awarded by a panel of impartial judges, often local educators, who have not been involved in any of the fair’s projects – parents, teachers and supervisors are excluded.

“Once you’ve selected a topic and discussed it with your science teacher, discuss it with your parents as well,” said Sandy Cram, Science Fair chair. “Then fill out the application form and submit it to your science teacher by February 15th.

“Once received, someone will email you to confirm your registration. In late February, a workshop will be held for all applicants to outline the next steps,” she said.

Rotary Central is appealing to corporate sponsors and seeking volunteers to mentor entrants.

Three prizes are awarded in five categories:

Earth Sciences, including the environment, weather, astronomy and ecology

Food and health

Life sciences, including microbiology, botany or zoology


Computer Science

The Science Fair is organised and financed by Rotary Central and sponsored by Dart Enterprises, Kirk Office Equipment and LIME.

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