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One of the earliest questions that children are asked by adults is “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

Some children are fortunate to know from an early age exactly what they want to do career-wise, while others reach the end of their school years and still have no clear idea of the direction they want to take. Yet others embark on a career they pursue for several years but at some point become disillusioned or no longer feel challenged and decide to change tack.

One thing you realise as you grow older is the tremendous variety of possible jobs that exist, many of which you may have known nothing about at the time you were choosing a career path. All too often, the subjects you choose to study at school dictate what you can go on to study at university and your degree will go on to determine the fields in which you can expect to be employed.

Start early

It is vital that students and young people start to inform themselves as early as possible about the types of careers that exist, the subjects that interest them, and the background knowledge and skills they need to enter a particular field.

The Careers, Education, Training & Jobs Expo 2011, organised by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, is the ideal opportunity to begin this type of research. This annual event, now in its 13th year, aims to showcase not only the variety of businesses that operate in the Cayman Islands, but also the diversity of jobs that exist within any one company, the educational qualifications that are required for specific positions and also the training opportunities that businesses offer to employees. “We feel that it provides an extremely important link between the worlds of education and work and this has never been more important than this year in light of the challenges facing the islands,” said Milly Serpell of Stepping Stones Recruitment.

Not only students, but anyone actively looking for work or even considering a career change will benefit immensely from attending an event of this kind. With approximately 30 businesses exhibiting at the Careers Expo today, all the major industries are represented from financial services and accounting, to tourism, hospitality, retail and civil service. Job seekers of any age will not only be able to hand out resumes and make contacts with potential employers, they will also learn more about how the exhibiting companies are structured, the possibilities available within a company and the corporate philosophy of these businesses.

This event is an ideal forum for those with some idea of the career direction they want to take, to get some more specific details of what educational qualifications they may require, the training opportunities offered once employed and also scholarships available in the public and private sectors. Career changers will also be able to get advice on which existing skills are transferable to new careers and the opportunities available within companies to further their training and development.

Additionally, Stepping Stones will be holding free seminars on resume writing, interview techniques, workplace skills and career change. Those wanting to attend workshops are asked to sign up in advance on www.caymanchamber.ky as spaces are limited.

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