Cayman Airways flights turn back to base

Two Cayman Airways flights taking off from Owen Roberts International Airport had to turn back.

Cayman Airways revealed that on Thursday, 10 February flight KX200 to Tampa had taken off only to return to Grand Cayman for repairs.

“[The flight] landed without incident shortly after take-off. This precautionary action was not an emergency and the return to Owen Roberts International Airport was normal and uneventful,” read a statement from the company.

“The aircraft was removed from service in order to conduct repairs to the faulty indicating system and the passengers were transferred to a different aircraft, departing within one and a half hours of the original scheduled departure time.”

On Friday, 11 February Flight KX880 departed Grand Cayman at 9.30am for La Ceiba, Honduras but returned to the airport shortly after takeoff.

This was because the captain detected some vibration from the nose landing gear tires during the take-off process, said the carrier.

“As a precaution, the flight crew requested that ground emergency response services be on standby during their landing. The aircraft landed without incident and inspections by the airline confirmed that while both nose wheel tires maintained their structural integrity, a partial tread loss on one of the nose wheel tires was the cause of the vibration.

“The airline subsequently replaced both nose wheel tires and is now investigating the cause of the partial tread loss. The flight was rescheduled and departed approximately three and a half hours later.”

Unrelated incidents

Cayman Airways said that the two unrelated incidents were infrequent in nature and that in both instances the safety of airline operations was a precaution.

Chief Executive Officer Fabian Whorms said that Cayman Airways has an ongoing commitment to ensure the complete safety and comfort of passengers.

“The precautionary actions taken by our flight crews in returning to the departure airport rather than continuing flight is testament to that commitment.

“We apologize for the inconvenience to the affected passengers and sincerely appreciate their patience and understanding as we ensure their complete safety.”


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