East End: No race, no problem

I was up at East End for most of the long weekend, and every time I’m up there, I’m reminded of how much I like it.

It’s like a different island when you’re there, and you really feel like you are getting away from it all.

Arriving there on a recent Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t help but notice how quiet it was.

The wind was really light from the southwest, and as such the water was glassy like a millpond.

The usual sound of wind and waves was nonexistent, leaving an almost eerie calm.

This was not to last as the wind swung around to the northeast and turned on the power to greet us with fairly strong cross onshore conditions in the morning.

The Cayman Islands Sailing Club held their annual East End Regatta up at The Reef resort, and the Laser and Pico dinghies were sailing right in front of us.

It was impressive to watch as they weaved in and out of each other and the various markers, with the occasional capsizing to keep things interesting.

We were going to hold a windsurfing regatta as we did last year at Gun Bay, but The Guru (www.windguru.cz) let us down this time.

We had to make a call on the preceding Wednesday as to whether there would be enough wind or not, and it didn’t look like much, so we called it off.

Of course, as the week wore on, a decent forecast started developing for Sunday morning, but it was too late to scramble together a race by then.

Being that most of us windsurfers on the island don’t own dedicated race kits, the wind minimum would need to be about 18 knots, so that everyone would be on a 7.0-metre sail or smaller.

Even though we didn’t race, there was still plenty of sail-able wind on Sunday morning, which ended up lasting the whole day, and into Monday morning.

It was great to see so much activity on the water, as windsurfers, stand-up paddle-boarders, dinghy sailors and kite-boarders shared the water together — all enjoying what nature has to offer.

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