Letters to the Editor: Roll over rollover policy

The architect of the rollover bill, I believe, crafted the law to suit the time we were in. It was good at that time, but to grow, we need to change. Changing the rollover to no more than one month would be a good move.

Our economy is really hurting. It is affecting our rental properties, shops, CUC, water, telephone companies, etc. We have lost a great number of people who were giving revenue to the country. We need people for our economy to grow.

This is a great way to grow our numbers coming to Cayman – through quality employees. If a person is allowed up to seven years and then one month rollover and then another seven years. At the end of this term, if they have no police record against them and would like to become permanent residents, we should welcome them.

This enables Cayman to increase our residents with good people – people who have been tested 14 years, providing they meet the necessary requirements.

We understand legal opinion from London

says that, lawfully, the Cayman Islands could reduce the rollover gap to as little as the Government chooses.

The reality of the present rollover is – it is now working against us.

Work permit holders as well as companies are leaving. Some companies pay as much as 10 per cent tax elsewhere, so this tells us how important a good employee is. A good employee is as if he or she was born for the job. Not every employee, unfortunately, meets this criteria.

For the Caymanians there is no job when companies leave. We are the losers. We went through a similar cycle many years ago, but thanks to good legislators, they found the way to keep these people legally here and some of these are Cayman icons today, supplying many jobs.

So, I am asking our present legislators to do the same. Make the change to no more than one month.

Cayman is hurting; just look at all of the vacant apartments that are for rent and almost 10 per cent unemployment. We need all those who are here and we need those that have left to return.

We know that you can do it. Make the change. We know you want what is best for Cayman and its’ people.

We greatly appreciate the architect of this law and we want to give our thanks for it, but we need to make a change to the present rollover to one month, and not one year. I am sure everyone wants what is best for the country.

People are not going to come here fir seven years and then have to start at the bottom of the ladder in another country. Seven years are almost 25 per cent of one’s working lifetime.

We need to attract good nation builders like we have done in the past. Do it for our country. We want the best for everyone.

Thank you. God bless you and God bless Cayman.

Elita Soto


  1. Why just reduce the rollover to one month? Why not get rid of it completely, because the change to one month is really an admission that the policy is a complete failure. Nearly all of the writers points are valid except this one… by not scrapping the policy, businesses (and individuals) are still being inconvenienced and burdened with unnecessary costs which will influence their decision to invest or not in the Cayman Islands. Having been through the rollover myself, I would not return unless it was scrapped, as it also still perpetuates the us verses them problem that exists between many Caymanians and Expats. If I am going to work hard, invest my savings buy purchasing property and the like, I would like to feel that I have a chance to fully integrate into Cayman society.

  2. The fact that roll over exists at all shows the nationalistic tendencies of the Cayman people. One month or one year makes no difference. Until Cayman reverses the mentality and starts to make expats feel welcome very few will be interested to move their, or move back once theyve left.

    Instead its roll over, fingerprinting, abusive work permit procedures and the constant griping that expats are taking jobs from locals.

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