Super Bowl hassle

This year’s Super Bowl was a nightmare in more ways than one for attending fans. Cayman resident Daniel Hiryok found that out first hand.

The Pittsburgh native won a trip to see the big game live courtesy of a competition put on by Doghouse sports bar and Jacques Scott. The match, between Ben Roethlisberger and the Pittsburgh Steelers and Aaron Rodgers’ Green Bay Packers, took place at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Hiryok, 40, states that his Super Bowl experience was one of mishaps than of spectacles.

“It was disappointing,” Hiryok said. “The score of the game was disappointing being a fan of the Steelers (Green Bay won 31-25). The weather was not good as the whole city downtown was closed due to snow. We had to change hotel, the concerts were cancelled, like the one by Prince and it was just a crazy experience. The city wasn’t prepared for this.”

Numerous stories emerging from the Super Bowl paint an equally bleak picture. Snow fell off the stadium and injured six people (one person is in critical condition) and some 400 people had tickets to the game and were not able to get in to the stadium to see the match.

The result is a wave of controversy headed in the direction of Dallas Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones. There is even a lawsuit aimed at Jones from the debacle and Hiryok might be part of the suing fans.

“All of our clothes were covered in mud. There was only one entrance to the entire stadium. When we got in our seats (which were in the end-zone up by the rafters) were the temporary kind. Ours had to be prepared right before the game so we didn’t get into the stadium until two hours before game time. They were made of tin metal, they weren’t stable and it was just unbelievable. We might be involved in the lawsuit that’s going around though we’ve been told we will be compensated.

“On the way over here our flight from Knoxville to Miami was delayed four hours. We missed the connecting flight to Cayman and ended up over nighting in Miami. We didn’t get back until Tuesday afternoon so it was an experience.”

In spite of the Steelers loss, the lacklustre Super Bowl experience and the travel mix-up Hiryok maintains he found many positives. “I still wouldn’t trade it for anything. Though the Steelers lost we made the best of whatever happened. We got free beer and we were very pleased we were able to go.

“We’re very thankful and grateful to Jacques Scott and Doghouse. It’s a shame Jerry Jones screwed everyone over but I feel that 2011 will be seventh heaven for the Steelers.”

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