Every purpose under heaven

First, I would like to wish our
premier and the people of the Cayman Islands a very happy and prosperous New

Mr. Premier, I know you cannot run
the Islands on your own, so a petition for our Islands is before the throne of
grace with our high priest. So, for us, enough is enough. Now, my people, it is
written in the holy scriptures “to everything there is a season and a time to
every purpose under the heavens.” It is time to rise up and do what we have to
do. We either believe or we don’t believe. I am tired of hearing people say
they know God. Do we truly believe that the covenant the God made with us by
Christ Jesus was the last and final covenant? If so, where is the proof?

Jesus has conquered this world,
depriving it of its power to harm us, which makes us the most powerful human
beings on this Earth. We read that we are born again, we are a new creating in
Christ Jesus, old things are passed away and all things are new.

When Jesus was on this earth, His
messenger, John the Baptist, said, “Behold the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand”
and Jesus said the same. We have an inheritance through Christ Jesus as being
an heir with Him. We are dressed in His righteousness and we are told to go
boldly before the throne of grace. We stand right before God without sin. The
Bible even tells us that we are bone of His bone and flesh of His flesh. As He
is, so are we now. So my question is: Where are the new covenant keepers? Where
are the ones that know who they are in Christ Jesus? Just as sure as we have a
united kingdom, Jesus’ kingdom is down here, but to find the kingdom, you have
to do what the word says. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all His
righteousness.” In the kingdom of God we have our own government, our own
language, speaking like Father God, our own church with Jesus as the foundation
and the word, our own bishop, our own physician and our own High Priest.
Everything that we could ever need is in the kingdom. I am not going by what I
hear, but by what I have proved in my life.

I am surprised when I go to
assemble; after we have praised God and thanked Him for all He has given us
through Christ Jesus, someone gets up and preaches and tells us that if we need
something we should come to him. My question is why, when we are told to go to
the throne of grace in the time of need. People go to the alter and leave it
the same way they go, time after time. So I asked the spirit of truth what was
happening and he reminded me of when Lucifer wanted to build his seat above
God’s seat. So now Satan has a strategy in the congregations tat man does not
go before the throne again, man goes before man for their needs to be met. Man
cannot give us what we need; only Jesus Christ, because that is why He told us
to come to the throne. I know the Holy Spirit brings us in to His kingdom from
different places, whether at home or at the altar. But you do not spend the
rest of your life at the altar, before man; you spend the time having a
relationship with Jesus and at His throne.

But the congregations are in a mess
today because man refuses to honour Jesus Christ and do what He said.

Our Father God even told us if we
honour Him and do not honour Jesus, the son, we do not have God nor Jesus.
Instead of the teachers keeping us righteous conscious, they keep us sin
conscious. I wonder why when the scripture says “therefore now there is no
condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus”. I am really looking for my
brothers and sister who have received the new covenant and Jesus as their Lord
and Saviour and accepted Him as their source to provide for all their needs.

Velma Herod



  1. I read this with an open mind but I have to say I have no idea what the author is trying to say. I am not being disrespectful or cynical, I am genuinely baffled.

  2. Hes trying to say his followers worship jesus christ instead of God. And you know how well that went for the canaanites.

    Exodus 20:3 You shall have no other gods before me.

    Exodus 20:23 Do not make any gods to be alongside me; do not make for yourselves gods of silver or gods of gold.

    yet time and time again, people call Jesus thier lord

    Yet here is god saying who the lord is.

    Hosea 13:4 But I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt. You shall acknowledge no God but me, no Savior except me

    BAM, Rescueing the isrealites was WAY before jesuss time.
    So……care to reread those new testaments and interpret them propely?

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