Schoolboys robbed

Royal Cayman Islands Police have arrested two men in connection with a
robbery of some schoolboys in George Town that happened late Monday afternoon. 

Police said at about 4.25pm Monday, officers received a report that five teenage boys – all ages 13 and 14 – were robbed as they walked from John Gray High School towards the
Truman Bodden Sports Complex.

As the boys walked along Liguinea Circle just after 3pm that day, a grey car stopped beside them. Police said two men inside the vehicle demanded
that the boys hand over their cash and valuables.

The boys gave over a small sum of cash and the car drove off. It was believed the amount taken was less than $20.

Police arrived and obtained statements from the students. One of the boys told police he
had seen what looked like a firearm within the car – but at no time was the gun
pointed at the boys, police said.

No one was injured
in the incident.

Later the same day, two men were arrested in connection with the incident. One man, 45,
was arrested on suspicion of theft and another, 22, was arrested on
suspicion of robbery and possession of an unlicensed firearm.


  1. What dregs of society ? What type of people rob little children on thier way home from school. Sad to say that although they were arrested, they will surely be back on the street soon, waiting at the next school crosswalk or outside of the Senior home looking for and easy victim. Little Kids, Elders, Tourists. Seems noone is safe anyomre.

    If you actually read the papers, most crimes committed in cayman are done by caymanian people. Expats are usually the quietest ones and withouth expats this country would completely and fully crubmle and dissolve under the ignorance of most of its own people. I say most because there are smart caymanian people on this island that actually care about what happens.

  3. Regarding comments from Goody, Its really time to stop pointing the finger at Expats as the only ones who commit crimes. Criminals come is all races, creeds and colors and to imply that its the Expats only committing crimes in Cayman is ridiculous, the folks that got robbed on barefoot beach described the robbers as 17-19 years old. Are there teenage expats working in Cayman ? Expats know that if they break the law they are quickly expelled from the island and lose their right to work there, whereas Caymanians that break the law usually get a slap on the hand or a time out and quickly end up back on the street. Surely its possible that these crooks can be Expats but it is equally possible that they are home grown thugs. Remember the saying when you point your finger at someone else theres still three pointing back at you. These guys need to be stopped whomever they are Expat, Cayman or Tourists.

  4. The Media and Police should start to put those faces and names on first pages on the News. The community needs to identify for future reference and awarenes.
    You can see all over the world the when it comes to NEWS those faces are the first to come except in Cayman. That is why are getting away with so many beacuse this Cayman Law protect them too much.

  5. Mily
    Ive posted the same comments anonymously on another news forum, almost word for word; are we reading each others minds or what? Very weird !

    To the readers that keep accusing or implying that expatriates are the source of all these crimes, Im beginning to have some real quaestion about them ?

    Do they know things that they should be telling the police or do they keep on bleating about expats to divert attention from people and things that they do know but are trying to cover up ?

    Either way, revealing the identities of arrested suspects would remove all doubts and no doubt reveal some very interesting information on who the associates and contacts of these people are.

    This current policy and law in Cayman on not reporting arrested suspects names and identities is protecting no one but the criminals themselves.

  6. WELL,,, I have a solution hire 1000 tourist guides/ beach cleaners/junior police.. call them what you want …@ 70 a day and they work 20 days a month …thats 1.4 million ….a month….. A bargain…..
    IF they dont want to work they can go to trade school and be paid to go …..THIS should be manditory for kids age 16-25 that are unemployed or just hanging out…..Then no one can say they have no job….and they wont have time to rip people off,,,,,,,

  7. These poor 5 boys must have been terrified. What kind of scum bags would stoop so low to rob school boys who were just leaving school? How much cash did they think theyd get? A bit of lunch money ? This is absolutely disgusting — give them the MAXIMUM penalty allowed. Whats next, little old ladies?

  8. Whats Next Little Old Ladies ? Not next, thats already been done, do not forget the elderly couple both in thier 80s who were robbed and beaten in thier own home just a few moths ago.

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