Beachfront hotels rate high

According to a new website, Cayman has 45 ‘true beachfront’ hotels.

The calculation was made by The Beachfront Club, which analysed maps to find hotels in the Caribbean that do not have roads or traffic between the hotel and the beach.

Paul Robinson, marketing director of the Reef, said that beachfront rooms are paramount in importance to vacationers in any resort destination. However, there can sometimes be a difference between a guaranteed beachfront room and a beachfront property in some cases worldwide.

“In today’s competitive marketing environment, consumers sometimes don’t read the small print that tells them they are not guaranteed oceanfront accommodations. Needless to say, when they arrive, they are extremely angry when the view from their room is ‘island view,’ usually overlooking a parking lot. They feel they have been deceived, even though the truth is they just did not read the offer in total… Cayman has some wonderful beachfront resorts, and that is what our vacation travellers want.”

Many factors

According to the Beachfront Club, the Dominican Republic has the most beachfront hotels with 101, followed by Jamaica with 92. Cayman was sixth in the region.

From statistics compiled from the 7,400 hotels on the site, famous Thai beach resort Phuket has only 68 true beachfront properties from 900 hotels, a total of 7 per cent, and although Australia has arguably the most beach kilometres per person, it can only muster around 100 true beachfront hotels.

The highest percentage of true beachfront hotels is in The Maldives, with 95 per cent of hotels having direct and unobstructed access to the beach.

Mr. Robinson added that the Cayman Islands has many factors to attract visitors to the destination.

“I don’t think Cayman is any different in its approach to this market. We have some great beachfront resorts that compare favourably with any other destination.

“Cayman’s advantage is it’s status as a first world island, featuring a lot of modern conveniences such as Internet access, cell phone service, and good air service, not to mention being only one hour from Miami. All excellent selling features for a Caribbean destination.”

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