Comedy goes beyond borders

High quality international comedy is no laughing matter when you’re a promoter because it’s not cheap to bring over top acts, so it is extremely refreshing to be able to enjoy such acts for two nights of every month.

Rod Jefferson and Brad Watts should take a bow for the innovation, having just completed their fourth month. In fact, the Laughter Lounge Comedy Show is getting so popular that the regular venue at Margaritaville moved to the bigger space in the middle of the venue after Friday’s gig.

Leon Rogers topped the bill this time with Tony Roberts emceeing. Roberts was the main attraction last month and he did an admirable job in warming up the always receptive crowd this time.

Rogers infused much of his tough Chicago upbringing into his hour-long set but there were many observations of Cayman life that also tickled the crowd, such as getting too close to irritated iguanas and considering pretending to be gay to find a rich boyfriend to pay our skyrocketing gas prices.

He also mocked the fact that many Americans only have a smattering of Spanish and think they can communicate eloquently like that; disciplining kids his way; and a unique theory on how to best punish jailbirds involving 12 lustful gorillas.

His satire included an observation of the crisis in Egypt. “I’ve seen drive-bys but never ride-bys on camels like in Egypt,” he said. Rogers also had a hilarious line about TV presenter Anderson Cooper being over-zealous in his reporting and getting assaulted in Cairo.

He finished with a Vegas-style double act with some hit and miss rapid fire corny gags at the end with Roberts. All brilliant stuff. Can’t wait for next month’s sets. It is always the second Friday and Saturday of the month at Margaritaville.

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