Letters to the Editor: Differing views are OK

I have just read with amazement your editorial of February 17th in response to my published letter of February 16th.

I am being accused of starting a 27 month campaign with my views in regards to the recently held PPM extra-ordinary general meeting and the change of party leadership.

In my letter I congratulated the outgoing leader, Mr. Tibbetts and encouraged and gave some advice to the new leader, Mr. McLaughlin. I also thought it was timely to remind the public of all that the PPM had achieved from 2005-09.

At the same time I compared what had been achieved by the UDP administration to date and also their apparent disregard for the legal tendering process and political patronage (during their campaign and at other times).

I also called on our young people to take an active interest in what was going on. Are we as a people not allowed to express our views in our own country without being accused of “campaigning” or creating disunity?

I can assure you I do not hate the UDP or anyone on their side, and in fact I have a number of close friends in their elected ranks and party, but that does not mean I cannot disagree with their politics and stand up for what I see as right or wrong.

Politics by its very nature is adversarial – you have your view and I have mine – where it becomes a problem is one tries to stifle the view of the other.

Let the public decide, let them be the judge. At the end of the day they will have the say, not just you or me. We can call for unity and working together until the cows come home, but there will always be differing views and differing ways of doing things. I for one will always have mine, and I will not be scared off from offering them when I feel the time is right as a citizen of this country.

The Compass, like any other media house, has its own agenda and I have mine, and mine has always been about the betterment of Cayman and its people.

I am doing no more than the new leader suggested we do, and you agreed with, to “push and shout and agitate and do what is necessary to be part of the national debate”.

Thanks for publishing this clarification.

Osbourne Bodden

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