Summary Court Bail refused in 
abduction case

Defence anticipates a problem with the charge

Murphy Kencer Powell, 38, appeared in Summary Court on Monday, accused on charges of abduction and unlawful confinement.

Magistrate Nova Hall refused bail after the Crown objected on the basis of the seriousness of the charge and Powell’s record.

Denies allegation

Defence Attorney John Furniss made the bail application, advising that Powell strenuously denied the allegations.

He agreed that abduction is a serious charge, but from the facts as he had seen them, Mr. Furniss said, it appeared there would be a problem with the charge.

Crown Counsel Kenneth Ferguson said the woman who is the complainant met Powell on Saturday, 29 January.

They exchanged phone numbers and met again on Sunday, 30 January in the afternoon.

She left her vehicle at the meeting place and went with him in his truck.

They discussed going to a party in East End, but Powell decided to drive to North Side first.

They stopped at several bars along the way.

Return trip

On the return trip, in the Prospect area, Powell allegedly told her he wanted to go home with her and spend the night.

She declined, saying they had just met and should get to know each other better. Mr. Ferguson said the woman reported that Powell’s demeanour changed suddenly and he became verbally abusive.

He allegedly told her that if she was not going to put out she should get out. He was allegedly driving erratically at the time.

She jumped

She loosened her seat belt in preparation to jumping out of the moving vehicle.

She was able to reach her cell phone and dial 911 discreetly; as a result, police could listen in on the conversation, Mr. Ferguson reported.

In an area of South Sound, Powell spun around and headed back toward East End, reaching Bodden Town before turning back.

He passed several police vehicles and at least one was following him as he drove toward Savannah. He slowed near Countryside Shopping Village and the woman jumped out.

Powell sped off toward Newlands with police in pursuit.

They made several attempts to find him.

Turned self in

On 14 February, Powell turned himself in to a police station. Mr. Ferguson said Powell admitted going out with the woman and explained that he did not stop to let her out of the truck because he was being chased by police.

Mr. Furniss agreed Powell and the woman did go out to various places. There was a conversation, after which he indicated he would drop her back to where he had picked her up.

It was correct there was a chase and Powell accepted there would be traffic charges against him. However, he maintained that he dropped the woman off the first opportunity he had to slow down. “She got out and he went on his way,” the attorney concluded.

Although abduction is a charge that can be dealt with only in Grand Court, Mr. Furniss asked that it be mentioned again in Summary Court. He questioned whether police had a signed complaint.

The magistrate directed that Powell be returned to court on Thursday, 3 March.

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