Bare Foot Beach suspects nabbed

Four men have been arrested and are in police custody following a
police operation early Friday in East End.

Officers targeted a
number of homes in the East End area Friday, and as a result of the
operation, three men were arrested in connection with the Bare Foot
Beach robbery on 7 February. 

On that date, a couple who were
visiting Grand Cayman from the US were confronted by three men. All
three had their faces covered by t-shirts and two were armed;  one with a
baseball bat and another with a knuckleduster (brass knuckles).

said one of the robbery suspects grabbed the male tourist, placed him
in a headlock and demanded cash. The victims then handed over a wallet
containing a small sum of cash.

As the suspects were making off
from the scene they smashed the window of the couple’s hire car with the
baseball bat and stole a camera.

Three suspects ages 20, 21 and
30 years, were arrested Friday on suspicion of robbery. .

As part
of the same operation a fourth man was arrested . He is in custody on
suspicion of possession of drugs. The drug concerned is a small quantity
of, what is believed to be, crack cocaine.

Police did not state
whether he had any connection to the Bare Foot Beach robbery.

in Bodden Town are once again appealing for anyone who has any
information which could assist the investigation into the Bare Foot
Beach robbery to call 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).


  1. YEEHAWWW, crack cocaine!

    I dont think the police have anything to worry about with ganja. thats small potatoes. Ganja aint going to make you go out and commit robberies.

    But crack cocaine. If we have crack cocaine on this island. We got alot bigger problems all around. There is a reason why crack head term is so widely used. Becuase if we have crack heads and crack running around this island.
    Robberies and break ins are NEVER going to stop. This drug is so addictive. It will literally override any decency someone has, for thier next fix. And they will do anything to get it.

    Crack cocaine is far worse than booze, pot, heroine or cocaine.

  2. That is great news. The island is becoming safer. The next thing they should do is prevention. RCIPS should release the name and photo of the attackers so we all be aware of possible threads ,for the safety our kids and family.

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