Help for hospice

Governor Duncan Taylor has made the first official donation to Cayman Hospice Care’s 11th Flag Day Weekend fundraiser, which starts on 26 February.

The event is one of the biggest for Cayman Hospice, not only for the funds it raises, but also for the awareness it brings to the organisation.

“We support the work that the Cayman Hospice is doing and think they do a wonderful job. Next week will raise awareness about the work of hospice and give the community an opportunity to contribute,” said Mr. Taylor, who also made the symbolic gesture last year.

Operations and Fund Raising Manager for the Cayman Hospice, Jennifer McCarthy said, “This is a fantastic way to kick off the event, which will begin with dms Broadcasting taking the first shift during a live broadcast.”

Over the two-day event, 45 locations, including banks, hardware and grocery stores will serve as drop-off points for donations to Cayman Hospice Care.

There will also be posters displayed from Savannah to West Bay.

Mrs. McCarty said the event has grown over the past two years, with the addition of dms as sponsor.

“They contribute a great deal. We used to start at noon, but the live broadcast they do means that things get started earlier now. They also have their staff out chatting and stopping folks, as well as collecting.”

She added, “We are asking people to be patient and understanding, with traffic slowing down during the event [as cars are flagged]. It is important to remember how important the cause is that we are supporting.”

Walkers Global Foundation is also a sponsor of this year’s event.

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