Meanwhile, over 
on Cayman Brac…

Brackers have a host of events to look forward to this week, including the Sister Islands Agriculture Show on Saturday, 12 March, which is sure to draw people from far and wide. It takes place at the Agriculture Bluff Grounds.

Then, on Tuesday, 15 March is the monthly cooking class, which the Heritage House and Cayman Brac High School Food & Nutrition Department run for Cayman Brac High School senior students, explains Saskia Edwards, assistant programme coordinator at Cayman Brac Heritage House.

“On the 15th, Mrs. Laurel Martin will be showing the class how to prepare Cassava-Strecha (Stretcher). Mrs. Laurel also taught our last class, for which we prepared Salt Beef & Beans.

“This time students will learn firsthand about heavy cakes and all of the preparation involved in creating traditional and delicious heavy cakes. Our latest classes have been taking place at the Cayman Brac High School.”

On Wednesday, 16 March, there’s a scrapbooking craft session at Brac Reef Beach Resort with Saskia herself, from 3-5pm. Currently at the Heritage House there is a nature display, which runs until 25 March.

For more information on all events please contact [email protected] or phone 948-0563.