$2,000 gift for The Pines

Manager of the Pines Sue Nicholson accepted a donation of $2,000 from Jill Wood, president of the Inner Wheel Club on 11 March.

“The members of the Inner Wheel Club have worked for years to raise funds for a variety of organisations on Island. They have also been very supportive of the Pines and for this, we thank them,” said Mrs. Nicholson.

As a result of dwindling membership over the past few years, the Inner Wheel Club will cease to operate because most of its members, who typically are spouses of Rotary Club members, are now in Rotary themselves.

Pines Retirement Home representatives said though they were saddened by this news, they were honoured and privileged to be the recipient of the last donation to be made by the Inner Wheel Club.

Mrs. Nicholson added, “We thank them for their tremendous support and kindness.”