CARIFTA swim for 24 hours

Cayman’s swimming association is holding a 24-hour sponsored swim event next week to help raise money for the team going to the CARIFTA Games.

It will start on Friday 25 March at 4pm and runs until the following day.

The aim is to raise as much money as they can to help fund the 18 swimmers going to CARIFTA this year which is in Barbados from 23-26 April.

The cost is about $2,000 per swimmer and the overall budget includes a physio for the first time, Bethany Cook from Cayman Physio.

Flights alone are $800.

Maria Butler, has all her three children in the programme, Lara, Simon and Geoffrey. She said: “We will be doing a barbeque, organised by Mike Flowers, from 4pm and would love people to come and support.

“There will be someone swimming in the pool for the 24 hours and the older Kids will be swimming late at night and early morning. Jayde Solomon, Katie Klein and Ashlyn Theaker our first time CARIFTA swimmers.”

Every team member has to raise at least $500 otherwise their parents have to pay the balance. Some have already raised as much as $600 so they don’t have that worry.

The team is Cole Morgan, Elliot Vernon, Matthew Flowers, Asher van Zanten, Simon Butler, Seiji Groome, Alex McCallum, Geoffrey Butler, Alice Narborough, Catriona Macrae, Isabella Tognazzo, Jayde Solomon, Katie Klein, Ashley Theaker, Coral Tomascik, Bethany Cleaver, Tori Flowers and Lara Butler.

All swimmers must attend all practices which is six sessions for 11-12 year olds and seven or eight for between 13-14 and nine for seniors.

For more information or to donate, contact Maria Butler on 926-0726 or [email protected]


Jayde Solomon is a first timer too.