Premier: That’s not me on Twitter

Twitter account opened under the user name ‘McKeevaBush345’ does not belong to
the Cayman Islands Premier and is an “impersonation”, according to a statement
issued Wednesday by Mr. Bush’s press secretary.

Twitter account uses an official photograph of the Premier as well as
containing a “Bio” that reads in part: “I’m from West Bay aka Republic/Gazza.
That means ‘me alone run tings’, if you don’t know then you’d better ask

other nonsensical statements attributed to Premier Bush can be found on the web

Premier does not and has never had a Twitter account,” read a statement issued
late Wednesday by Mr. Bush’s press secretary Charles Glidden. “An impersonation
complaint was filed [Wednesday] with Twitter which acknowledged the complaint
and an investigation is under way.” 

accounts are against Twitter’s rules.

Glidden’s statement indicated that government intends to consider legislation
that addresses the “misuse of the internet to the detriment and defamation of

legislation would not block Cayman Islands’ internet connections, the statement

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  1. Mr. Premier, if youre going to implement legislation, I hope it addresses the anonymous posters who are deriving courage from anonymity. As to the Tweeter account mentioned here, really? You felt the need to take time to inform the public its not you? Really? Just how stupid do you think we are? Whoever has created this and is posting is simply having a little harmless humor! Believe me, from where I sit, the country needs a little humor now.
    If it makes you feel better, Elvis and many other superstars have hundreds, if not thousands of impersonaters, superstars attract impersonaters! Feel better? If you dont mind Sir, while youre sitting in the position, we have some unemployment issues we need addressed and I support all of the projects that have been proposed. Forget the impersonaters, lets get some projects going.

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