Wild early morning crash seriously hurts 15-year-old

A motorcycle that police were trying to stop crashed into another vehicle early Wednesday morning, injuring several people. 

One of the people on the motorbike was being airlifted to a US hospital after suffering serious head and chest injuries. All of the other people involved in the crash were recovering.

According to the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, a police officer was driving a marked police vehicle north on West Bay Road around 3am Wednesday.  Near the Pizza Hut restaurant, the officer saw a motorcycle with two people on board driving south towards George Town.  The motorcycle lights were switched off

The officer turned his vehicle around, switched on his blue lights and sirens and signalled the motorcycle to stop.

A short time later, police said the motorcycle was approaching the vicinity of the St Matthews University residences when it collided with the rear of a car which was also southbound on West Bay Road.

The 34-year-old female driver of the car, who is several months pregnant, and her three passengers were all taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital suffering from head and neck pain. The passengers have been treated and discharged but the driver is still hospitalised, police said.

The motorcycle’s driver, a 16-year-old male and his male passenger – who is 15 – were also taken to hospital. 

The driver of the bike sustained injuries to his arms and legs and is still being treated.

The passenger sustained serious injuries to his head and chest. Police said he will be airlifted to the US

West Bay Road was closed for several hours following the collision to allow the scene to be processed, tying up rush hour traffic coming into George Town from West Bay. 

The driver of the police vehicle has been suspended from driving duties until all of the circumstances surrounding the collision are investigated, as is standard practice.


  1. Motorcycles should not be able to switch their lights off — they should be hard wired so that they are on 100% of the time. This is the case in several states in the US — turning them on and off is not an option. The inspection station should not pass any motorcycle that does not have its headlights hard-wired. Not that this would have prevented this crash, I hope the 16 year old loses his licence for 10 years because he endangered not only himself, but especially his passenger (in almost all motorcycle accidents, the passenger fares much worse than the driver) as well as others on the road. But it might have prepared those in the car for an impact. Or, once I had a car rapidly gaining on me — I tapped the brakes ever so lightly to flash my brake lights — the car swerved away from me (and lost control) but at least my children and I werent hurt. Others stopped to help — I didnt, my kids were screaming and crying in the car and I was very angry at this a**hole for driving so fast and almost slamming into us — possibly harming or killing my children in the back seat. So, had there not been other vehicles, I likely wouldnt have stopped either. Serves him right.

  2. I really doubt any cares but heres my opinion.

    Teenagers out at 3AM, Riding a Motorcycle without a license and no lights on. Bottom Line, they were up to no good. They should never have tried to run from the police, if they were innocent of wrong doing they wouldnt be running. If the police didnt chase them, then the next group would just know that all you have to do if run and the police wont chase you. Feel bad for the kids, Yes, but its nobody elses fault but their own. For the Police, I commend them for doing their job and putting themselves in harms way to protect the public.

    Although I am sure that if they get better, they will only get a timeout and be out again. For all those who say pity these young Caymanians its not their fault, the next time it just might be you or one of your loved ones hurt or even killed.

  3. I agree that bikes should be hard wired to have their lights on permamently, however would we not be best served if there was an introduction of a bike test on the island. As far as i am aware, anyone can apply to drive a bike on this island, then after i think a year – they can go and buy whatever bike they like with as big an engine as they like – surley this will result in more unnecessary accidents.

    If people are informed of the dangers of the vehicles they are using and are given the steps to use them correctly and safely, maybe just maybe accidents will decrease. My thoughts are with the victims of this accident and i wish them well.

  4. The Cop should not of given chase ….ever….I have seen way too many police racing around for nothing important… flying thru the districts …like there is something important happening …maybe the cop cars shouldnt be able to go over 60mph
    That said ….where were the parents of those kids

  5. The Cop should not of given chase ….ever….

    But you dont ask why they were running from the police in the first place or riding without lights…or riding motorcycles while under the legal age to have a licence to do so…

    No wonder Cayman is in the state of near-anarchy that it is.

    Every incident like this and some of the comments of posters on this forum makes me happy of my decision to leave the Cayman Islands and live where the purpose for law and order is to keep law-abiding citizens as safe as possible…

    What would the comments be if these lads had crashed into some innocent traveler while running from the police and taken their life ?

    Some people in Cayman have truly lost the plot !

  6. I realize this is the place to comment on the story itself but I am at a loss how one of the readers now wishes to blame the police for doing their job. These poor souls cant win. If they didnt chase the bike and killed another person(s) your opinion might have been different. Again, blame someone else Fiery and then go on to suggest that the solution to Caymans problems is the someone else theory. Give it up man and accept what is, and who it is.
    My heartfelt thanks to the families affected.

  7. Bubba

    Youve truly lost me here, mate.

    The first sentence of my last post was a quote from another poster claiming that the police should not have given chase to this motorcycle being ridden without lights at that time of the morning…

    Your response is muddled and confusing; is this on purpose ?

    Read my post again in context.

    The laws in any society are meant to be kept for the good of the collective whole, whether we agree with them or not.

    When they are purposely broken, a chain of events is set in motion where the results are entirely unpredictable.

    I am not blaming the police for this accident or doing their job.

    This unfortunate incident and its results is soley the responsibility of the the two bike riders breaking the law.

    In this case, as much as I sympathise for their injuries, they are responsible for the predicament that they are in.

    I am thankful that no other innocent person was hurt.

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