Artists invited 
to apply for 

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands’ Exhibition Committee is accepting applications from established artists for the summer residency programme, A Day in the Life IV.

Deadline for entry is Friday, 1 April.

Prospective applicants must submit a biography and exhibition history, photographic examples of work, a suggested exhibition outline and any additional information relevant to the application.

A Day in the Life IV opens on 15 August for the 10-day residency segment.

The three artists chosen must work within the gallery throughout normal working hours during this period.

The final exhibitions will open to the public on 25 August and run until October.

Applicants are asked to email 
required information to 
[email protected] ‘Attention Curator’ 
or drop off the application to the
Gallery, which is on the Ground
Floor, Harbour Place building.

Please call 945-8111 for more information.