Spiritual guidance for women

Forum focuses on common fears

Jesus is the way for those seeking guidance in living a more fulfilling life and finding peace of mind and comfort in the soul, attendees at a women’s conference were told last weekend.

“As women, we really come down on ourselves and think I will never live up; I’ll never get over this; it is only me; no one else suffers with fear issues, we tell ourselves that,” said guest speaker Wendy Hargrove, sharing with a group on the topic Prisoner Released in one of the workshops.

Ms Hargrove said she wasted many years as a Christian woman stuck at home dealing with these fears when she could have been out doing more ministry for the Lord.

This went on for years until she finally decided she was not living with fear anymore and decided to remove it from her life.

Ms Hargrove was speaking at the Cayman Islands Hope Tour women’s workshops, hosted by the First Assembly of God, along with other guest speakers from Florida – Tina Blount, Rebecca McInnis, Tammy Young, Jennifer Scoggins, Deanna Shrodes, Sandy Van Der Meulen and Katie Miller.

They addressed issues such as fear, career decisions, health, spiritual dryness, marriage and crises in women’s lives.

Fear is actually circumstances we create in our own minds, the women were told. And what do you have to do to overcome fear?

“You must fight and not flee,” said Ms Hargrove, sharing her experience with fear of flying, death, fire and fear for her children, which had kept her from living a fulfilling life.

Secondly, she said, you must stop worrying about what someone else will think about you because only God’s opinion matters. “As women we worry about what people think; men don’t care,” she said.

Thirdly, she said, surround yourself with scriptures, even if you have to hang them in every room of your house.

Some good scriptures to help you along, she said, are: Philippians 4:13, Joshua 1:1,9, Psalms 27:1 and Second Timothy 1:7.

Ms Hargrove continued to list the things that women could do to help them overcome fear.

“Think about things that are pure, lovely, admirable, excellent and worthy of praise. When a thought comes to the mind that is fearful, ask yourself if that scenario that you just thought about is true or just something you conjured up in your mind.”

She also advised women to realise that the Lord is always with you, step through the fear and expect the Holy Spirt to show up.

Put on the whole armour of God to give you the covering and the strength you need. Change your mindset, “Your mind is the biggest enemy and only you have the power to change the way you think,” she said.

“Trust the Lord and step through the fear; you will get immediate satisfaction and a boldness to propel you every time you have to walk through fear.”

Ms Hargrove also gave examples of people in the Bible who suffered with fear.

She said Moses suffered with fear when he was called to lead because of a speech impediment; Abraham was called to father many nations but he lied and said his wife was his sister out of fear; and David was anointed to be king but ran away out of fear.

“They all lost that faith and trust that God would protect them,” she said.