Premier travels to DC, Italy, Dubai

Premier McKeeva Bush is in Washington, DC and New York this week for talks with the US Treasury and a tourism marketing meeting.

Following the New York meeting the Premier will tour a project built by GLF, the leading candidate to build the cruise berthing facility. The Premier will also participate in the promotion of the proposed special economic zone, according to a statement from his office.

The Premier, Attorney General Samuel Bulgin, Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Chairman George McCarthy, Deputy Chief Officer for Financial Services Samuel Rose and accountant Dan Scott will meet with US Treasury representatives in Washington on

On Thursday, the Premier is in New York along with Tourism Ministerial Councillor Cline Glidden Jr.

Following the tourism meeting, the Premier travels to Venice, Italy to review a dam built by GLF to prevent flooding there. While in Italy, the Premier plans to meet with Italian tourism and airline officials to discuss several matters, including the possibility of Alitalia code sharing with Cayman Airways.

The Premier then travels to Dubai where he joins the developers of Cayman Enterprise City to promote the special economic zone proposed by Hon Development Company. The Premier will participate in a news conference and meet with potential investors including members of Dubai’s royal family to discuss the possibility of setting up business in the Cayman Islands.

In the Premier’s absence, the Deputy Premier Julianna O’Connor-Connolly is Acting Premier.