Chomping glass, eating fire

Entertainer insists glass tastes a lot like cow foot


I would not advise anyone to try what I am about to describe without proper instruction and lots of thought beforehand. It can be very dangerous, so never try this at home!

Magical, indeed

To get an inside look at how fire breathing works, I interviewed two fire breathers who call themselves the Magical Boys: Omar Brown, 30, and Kevin Heath, 31.

Kevin, a comedian, performed in various Jamaican drama-comedies, such as Ans in Ya Milk and Tenement Yard, before recently linking up with Omar, who has been exhaling plumes of fire, eating glass, limbo dancing under a fiery bar and acting as a dressed-up granny since he was 13.

After a chance encounter in Cayman about a year ago, the two teamed up to make the stunts more dramatic in order to present a more entertaining package to the public.

Safety first

Omar says he is always careful with himself and his audience when blowing fire.

“I have never been scared of getting burned at any time, and I have never had any accidents since I have been doing the stunts,” he is proud to say.

The beginnings

Omar has been performing the stunt since he first witnessed it being done by a fire eater in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

Meanwhile, Kevin, under the tutelage of Omar, has been practising the stunts for the past three weeks.


How to begin? Best to let Omar tell you:

“I was fascinated about the stunt and went home to try it. I got mama’s kerosene lamp, took out the wick, poured the oil in my mouth, struck a match and blew onto the flame. When I blew it the first time, the match stick burned my fingers,” he laughs.

“Then I broke a piece of stick and wrapped it with a piece of tissue and blew it again and it came out good. It was complicated at first, but I kept doing it until I got it right and it just took off from there.”


To take his daring deeds even further, Omar started eating glass, which he says tastes a lot like cow foot. “I would thief a light bulb from home, take it to school in a bag and when recess came around I would head under a tree to entertain my classmates.

As for Kevin, who is learning the fine art of fire eating from Omar, he watches his partner in amazement and says he does not mind blowing flames, but he is definitely not going to be eating glass bottles.

“When Omar was teaching me how to blow fire and limbo with fire, I was scared of getting burned. I put the fuel in my mouth and because I did not release it fast enough, it singed my beard. I knew then it was not a good thing to have a beard when trying this stunt! I could smell my beard weeks after,” laughs Kevin.

All about entertaining

“We love to be around people, we love to entertain, to make people laugh and feel happy and to relieve stress,” says Omar.

“I love drama and anything that has to do with entertaining from [my] school days,” he says. “At that time I wanted to become an entertainer, I just did not know what type of entertainer. I love singing and imitating voices and I just knew I was born to act.

“At school, most of my friends knew my grandfather performed tricks and they often asked for me to do a little trick until it became popular and everyone wanted me to perform.”

When Omar left school, his first gig was at the Tree House in Negril, Jamaica. After that, he performed on street corners in Jamaica and people would throw money in a basket. “It was lots of fun to see all the people gather around to watch me perform,” he recalls.

Anyone interested in being entertained can call the Magical Boys at 325-2723 or 917-6024.


Omar Brown performs one of his favourite stunts during a recent fundraiser at the Bodden Town Mission House.
Photo: Jewel Levy