Free diabetes screenings set

Rotary Central has partnered with the Cayman Islands Diabetes Association and the Health Services Authority to carry out diabetes screenings Saturday, 26 March, at Cayman supermarkets.

Rotary is urging members of the community to participate in the free opportunity to be screened.

The service club has made community health initiatives one of its priorities this year and hopes to make the island-wide diabetes screening an annual event.

“This event is free and is open to children, adults, diabetics, seemingly healthy individuals, and we hope that many within the community take this opportunity to have this important health check,” said Rotary Central President Wil Pineau.

The screening will be carried out at all major supermarket locations between 10am and 2pm Saturday, with the cooperation of Cost U Less, Foster’s Airport, Foster’s Strand, Foster’s Countryside, Foster’s Republix, Hurley’s Supermarket and Kirk’s Supermarket.

Rotary Central member Zelta Gayle, a registered nurse who chairs the club’s organising committee, said one of the screening tests takes only five seconds and that a special ‘pen’ will be used to get the blood sample to accommodate those who are uncomfortable with needles.

There will also be a 10 per cent discount on selected diabetic-related items on the day of screening at pharmacies of the participating locations.

At the event, a quick and simple registration will provide each person with an opportunity to win glucometers (blood sugar machines) and other diabetic-related items.

The national screening event will also have doctors, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists and members of the diabetes association present to answer questions about diabetes.