Sammy wants unity over success

Sammy Jackson has a lot on his mind these days. On one hand he is head of a new local motorsports body. Then again he wants to keep his place as one of Cayman’s fastest drivers.

Thus the lawyer’s frame of mind going into this weekend is not clear cut.

His group, the newly formed Cayman Islands Drag Racing Association, hosts a drag meet called Cayman’s Fastest on Sunday 27 March.

The Breakers Speedway 1/8 mile track will be the site of racing, with gates opening at 12 noon and action starting 1pm. Admission is $10 with $5 pit passes also available.

Even though Jackson is president of the association, he will also be a competitor on Sunday.

In particular he will be sporting a 2000 Chevy Camaro SS. The car has a best 1/8 mile time of 5.78 seconds at 125mph with a 565 cubic inch big-block Chevy engine and a TH400 automatic racing transmission.

The Camaro powered to Jackson victory over Jamaican racer Dean Shaw at Breakers’ last international race.

Jackson spoke about his feelings about Sunday’s race both as a racer and the head of the organization.

“As a racer I’m a bit ambivalent to be honest,” Jackson said. “The pressure is on because of my recent win and I know I have a lot of people rooting for me and my biggest fear is letting them down. That race simply made me proud to be representing the country and to win, not just for myself, but all of my people who were supporting me especially those like my brothers John and Jeffrey who worked so hard to help me get the win. I am happy with the way the car is running.

“As an organizer as long as we have a decent turnout and some good competitive racing without any incident, and put on a good show for our spectators, that would make me happy.”

The upcoming meet will feature a number of fast cars and drivers such as Michael “Bad Oil” Williams and his white Mitsubishi Evolution III. Jackson states he is not bothered as he has made improvements to his car.

“On the run with Dean Shaw, we ran the fastest top speed ever by a car at Breakers (125mph). Even though I had to pedal the car in the middle of that run, we know the motor is making real power now. It’s just a matter of getting it to hook. We are still chasing the tune and have added some data-logging equipment to help us figure out where we need to go with the tune.”


Sammy Jackson’s Camaro is one of Cayman’s most powerful cars.