Letters to the Editor: Latest crime spree must be stopped

More and more now we have crime on the rise. Many are talking about it, but little is being done to really stop it, or to even take the time to understand what is making it happen.

It has gotten so bad that people are flying here for a short time to do their crime and then fly back home. What has Cayman become? Even in the worst crime-riddled countries, the crime sprees are understood by the government, but not in our country.

Many in our government are too busy spending and travelling to other countries to waste our money for no good reason, which in itself is a crime.

I have seen crime rise from petty theft to rape, murder, kidnapping and more. But it seems as if there is big money made by some in our system by the crime spree, not just the ones that commit the crime. As always, the courts are full and overloaded for years.

Lawyers are always busy. The police do not know what to do anymore. The prison is also overcrowded and when you really check it out, the people of these Islands pay for it all in some way or another.

We all are to blame, for instead of proper education for our young children, we give them playstations and TV. And tell them it is OK to drag their pants down on their butts and act like American thugs.

The whole Cayman culture is being eroded by some kind of demon subculture. Children do not have respect for themselves or their parents. We hear and see year after year more and more crime in Cayman, not less and less.

In the schools, I am told that drugs and sex are common things and the teachers’ hands are tied. Well, what must we expect when they leave school with 14- and 16-year-old girls having children for big men. This is a culture that’s gone crazy.

My parents were very strict and had the whole household under their control. Today the Children and Family Services has too much to say in Cayman families. The need to, in many cases, keep out of the family affairs for I know for a fact that they are causing a lot of harm to many families. Outsiders in these services that make decisions that affect the lives of many Caymanian families do not understand our culture, so many of them should not be in these services in positions to do such things as take children away from their parents for reasons they themselves don’t really understand.

These children mostly end up being the ones to commit crimes. Most of these outsiders are only in it for the money.

Look at people who are subject to leaving Cayman that quickly join the police services.

Most of them have no idea how to combat crime or even how to really deal with Caymanians. For as we know for many of them, a Caymanian held their work permit when they were first employed here, many of them as domestic workers or construction workers and such.

Now we see them in police uniforms judging Caymanians. This is also part of the problem here in Cayman. But our government is blind to this. The same thing applies to these security officers that are involved in the crime sprees themselves.

Lately I was told by some store owners that they are afraid to open the stores. This crime spree that is always going up instead of down must be put in check. It is spilling over and will damage our tourism business, even our banking system.

Any government that is in place in this country must do all in its power to put Caymanians in all key positions, especially of all of our borders and services.

If this is not done, we will always have Caymanians unhappy. Could you imagine a Caymanian in charge of Jamaica’s ports, inspecting tourists going and coming from the cruise ships? We have such a system in place here and these people are permitted security workers. A resentment is here about such things. We need to train more of our people to take over these positions and stay away from crime.

Our country is at the crossroads where we find that most of the old people that built this country to where it is now, that came up in the days of no electric lights are dying off and even those that were born in the early 60s and 70s are dying.

So we find that the ones that are born from 1970 to 2000 do not really understand real Caymanian culture, but understand the TV and Internet and in these we find a lot of crime uprising.

Hopefully there will be a change from this new crime spree that is here with us. But we, the parents, teachers and leaders of Grand Cayman must do more to help the change with proper education, respect and love.

Do not spare the rod and spoil the child.

Emile S. Levy


  1. As someone whose family (and I am not alone in this feeling) has spent half of their lives going to Cayman… have been writing, talking and just trying to get people/government to do something, anything to try and change the direction that this beautiful island has changed to. Emile is 100% right when he says that Cayman is at the crossroads and will either rise to the occasion, take a stand, and take back what is important and start teaching those children when they first enter school, where they come from, what their culture is, and the importance of preserving that, along with educating some of the parents, reminding them of the importance of being a parent. If you educate the young child from the beginning, is will be there core, If not, it will be written that what you thought would never happen to this beautiful paradise, WILL….How about introducing a curriculum upon the starting of school on up, reinforcing/introducing the cultures, traditions, etc….Maybe even once a year, going out into the community and doing something. It could be anything from a clean up day, to just anything to give back. Teach the children the right way….
    and thank you to you Emile, I could not have said it better..

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