Royal Pez dispensers


VIENNA – If you’ve ever wanted to eat
sweets disgorged from the chests of royalty, your time has come.

PEZ, the Austrian company whose
candy dispensers are known around the world, has created a special pair in the
likeness of Britain’s Prince William and his fiancée Kate Middleton ahead of
next month’s royal wedding.

Fans of the royal couple or of Pez
figurines can submit offers on the eBay for Charity auction platform from 7-17 April.

 Proceeds will go to a charity supported by the

PEZ makes around 80 million
dispensers and 4.6 billion sweets a year, but unlike other popular models the
William and Kate figurines will not dispense sweets through their mouths.

“The whole head bends
back,” a spokeswoman for the company said.

The smiling figure of Kate wears
blue while William dresses in black with a red tie.

“The figure of Prince William
has a lot more hair than in real life,” the spokeswoman said