Cayman: UN ‘jumped gun’ on meeting

According to the
Premier’s office, the Cayman Islands will not
be hosting a United Nations regional seminar on decolonisation next month,
contrary to an announcement last week from the UN.

A press release issued on
31 March, which was datelined on one website as “Cape
Town, Cayman Islands”, stated that the UN Special Committee on
Decolonization, had decided to hold its Caribbean regional seminar on implementation of the third
international decade for the eradication of colonialism in Cayman from 24-26

According to the release,
committee chairman Francisco Carrion-Mena, stated the committee, while
determining the venue, considered “the political situation and logistics of
several countries in the Caribbean”.

“Following a request from
Cuba, information and statistical
data on the territories had been provided on the special committee’s web page.
In the end, however, the committee had followed through with its intention to
hold the meeting in the Cayman Islands.”

All elected and appointed
officials of the remaining non-self-governing territories would be invited, the
release stated.

Richard Parchment, the
special political assistant to Cayman Islands Premier McKeeva Bush, said a
letter was sent to the UN Special Committee on Decolonization Tuesday morning to
inform members that the Cayman Islands will not
be hosting the May meeting.

“We did not agree to host
this meeting and they simply jumped the gun and announced this without prior
approval from the government,” Mr. Parchment wrote.

In May 2010, local
attorney Steve McField attended a UN decolonisation conference on behalf of
Premier Bush to indicate that Cayman’s people did not wish to seek independence
from the United

The local advocacy group
People for Referendum has long requested that UN and UK officials host such a conference here to
educate the local populace on their governance options as a British Overseas Territory.

The group has also
publicly feuded with UK Foreign and Commonwealth representatives, who it
believes is improperly denying Cayman any options aside from independence.

“Governance education in
the non-self-governing territories is generally very poor and holding these
meetings in the [territories] is one way to education the public on their
governance system, thereby enabling the electorate to make informed decisions in
elections and referendums,” said group chairman Dennie Warren, Jr.



  1. Been here before, haven’t we? Wasn’t it some Ex Minister of Agriculture from Fiji who headed a UN Decolonisation group visit in the 1970s, and got a bloody nose?
    Tell the UN to clean its own backyard for example in regard to membership of its Human Rights Committee, before it comes preaching to Cayman about anything at all.
    Why was there any question of Cayman hosting any such meeting? Mr Bush and Mr Parchment must come clean immediately about what they have been discusing with this UN Committee, and why they have not made public much earlier what has been going on.
    What with this and his My Government Mr Bush looks to be well into preparing his route to be first President of independent Cayman.

  2. I wish them the best, because the UK will find every excuse that they are not doing anything wrong – innocent. Cayman on the other hand still does not have a constitution that does not fully guarantee and represent the Cayman Islands. Still colonialism (inequality) exist.

  3. Bodden 12 58 41 pm;
    Fine. Just have Independence, frame your own constitution, and enjoy it. You have had the opportunity for this many times, and when push comes to shove, you don’t have the guts of your forefathers. They at least knew how to say no or yes, instead of whingeing.

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