Cayman Airways fleet inspections ordered

Cayman Airways will have to conduct inspections on two of its four Boeing 737-300s after a torn fuselage on a similar Southwest Airlines craft grounded 175 planes worldwide.

The 15-year old Southwest Flight 812 plane, also of the 737-300 series, had been in transit between Phoenix, Arizona and Sacramento, California when a five-foot hole appeared while the craft was at 34,000 feet. The plane was forced into an emergency landing.

In a release to the media, Cayman Airways noted that the aircraft manufacturer, Boeing, had published instructions in the form of a service bulletin for certain aircraft to be inspected at or before 30,000 flight cycles. A cycle is defined as one take-off and landing.

“Cayman Airways Limited confirms that the Service Bulletin is only applicable to two of its four Boeing 737-300 aircraft and that inspections in accordance with this bulletin will be conducted on those two aircraft well ahead of the required inspection timeline,” said the carrier.

The Southwest plane had completed 39,000 cycles during its lifetime to date. Around 60,000 cycles is considered the upper limit of a plane’s safe use by the industry.

Please see the full story in Wednesday’s Caymanian Compass…

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